The Reunion

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Audience feedback

Audience feedback task

Facebook Feedback
Since posting our video on Facebook a few days ago now we've received on the whole a positive feel back from our friends. We got a few likes and comments saying how much they enjoyed it and how they wanted to see more and find out what happened in the rest of the film. They thought we'd done a great job and actually felt it looked quite professional, which we were very pleased with as this was one of our aims!

YouTube Feedback
Having had our video on this site for longer than a month now we have had 236 views from people in New Zealand, Holland, America and the UK. 20% of people watched our video on their mobiles, 30% watched it on our blog and the other 50% watched in on YouTube.

Monday, 11 March 2013

evaluation 7

Looking back at your prelim task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Monday, 4 March 2013

evaluation 4

who would be the perfect target audience for our media?
Townies, townies are relatively diverse in entertainment choices but unsurprisingly stick to mainstream options. The brands townies usually go for are Nike, Topshop, Adiddas, Uggs, Ted baker, River island, etc. These brands are the brands worn by nearly all of British teenage population this means that townies seem to be the kind of poeple that follow the crowds and do not try to step out of the box this however is not a bad thing. The media they follow are very normal aswell there is nothing that is a major shock to anyone. Townies are also not majorly heavy Internet, magsine's, cinema or radio users however it has been found that they do watch alot of tv and do not pay much attention to the Newspaper.

In our film we tried to catch our target audiences attention by: 

  • The story line we tried to create is not too hard to understand and is creates a vibe that could be enjoyed by many different types of people because its is not something hard to understand this means it can be easily picked up by the crowds.
  • Our film is very light hearted and easy going so not hard to understand 
  • Townies watch a lot of soaps on tv this means that the dramatic side of our film will attract townies swell 

Evaluation 5

we used tags to annotate how our video attracts our audience.

Evaluation 3- directors commentary versions

In this video we took off all our original sound and we recorded a direcrors commentary on our choice of logo and production company name, why production companies are important, how distribution works and how our film is attractive towards certain production companies.